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The Incident January 23, 2010

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I was so excited about Friday Fun Night.  I had planned on eating INSIDE the McDonalds tonight (classy, I know) and then heading across the bridge to Treasure Castle Playland with the Starrs.  I was hoping for Thaylin to burn off all the excess energy he has and FOR ONCE allow me to sleep past 6:30.  I had it all planned out, and sent him into school with a bug in his ear of a Happy Meal and a special good surprise for a Green Light, Great Listening Ears day.

Nope, not even close.  All of MY dreams of salvaging a totally shitty day for ME,  were dashed at approximately 4:15, when I called the school to inquire about his aforementioned light and day.

You see, not Only did he talk back, not Only did he hit his friends, but he dropped trou TWICE during organized activities!!!  One of those times, was actually, during a game of musical chairs!!   He wasn’t interested in the game, apparently, so instead of walking around in a circle, around the chairs like the rest of the kids, mine stops the circle (or steps out, I’m speculating, wasn’t there) and pulls his pants down and shows the entire class, his WIENIS!!!  I could picture it all in my head, as he has whipped it out here on more than one occasion.  I do not remember clearly how the other incident went down, because, by the time I had heard the end of that story, I was seeing red!

I knew that I had to stress to this child that it is NOT acceptable to just drop your pants whenever you want, wherever you want and let the whole world behold your nudey beauty; plus I was disappointed.  I had a fun night planned for us and he just couldn’t keep his pants on.  So his punishment was swift and hard; straight home and there was to be no Happy Meal, no special surprises or treats, and no movies either.  I think he got the general idea.

You know, I was really hoping that I wouldn’t have to worry about him exposing himself to the general public, for like, another 10 years.  I’m sure most kids do it once or twice,  however, I can’t help but think it’s all a foreshadowing of things to come.  I knew a girl like that once……

All I have to say is…….thank God he wasn’t a girl!!

Good night from Mandyland,

The Queen

P.S.  He got to sit on a chair for the remainder of the game after The Incident.   I think he may have actually won musical chairs due to a technicality.  He was the last kid on a chair at the end of the game…..


9 Responses to “The Incident”

  1. Candi Says:

    Oh man! Is this what I have to look forward to? How old is he again?! I hope I have a few years to prepare for this. Jack doesn’t seem to like being nekkid, so I’m hoping he won’t do stuff like that. But boys and their penises are WEIRD.

  2. Heather Says:

    I think it’s hilarious!
    And, I’m thankful Jack hasn’t found his yet! 😉

  3. alicia Says:

    Oh my….yes, I remember those days…Brendan went through that phase. Never whipped it out during preschool, but had his hands in his pants at the mall, the grocery store, the park….it drove me nuts! (um, no pun intended, lol.)

  4. Beth Says:

    This was a funny read but when I was finished with it, I found myself not surprised for some reason! You have a very funny little boy and I’ve been hearing Mini Maurer stories for so long, this was an incident just bound to be added to his baby book! HA!

  5. thaylin79 Says:

    Out of curiosity, where did you come up with his name?

    • Mandy Says:

      The name was my husband’s idea. He says it just came to him shortly after we found out what we were having a boy. I’d never heard the name prior to that.

      • thaylin79 Says:

        Yeah my mom has yet to confirm exactly where she got my name from. That’s why I was wondering. It’s on the annoying side lately though as a lot of people are using my name for role playing character names. “Thaylin is a 6’1″ raven haired elf…” grrr.

      • Mandy Says:

        I’ve seen the RPG characters as well (I’m guilty of googling my son’s name). I’ve looked for a meaning or at least some other (real) people with the same name. As you can see from the pictures, my Thaylin is only a 3 1/2′ tall elf!!

      • thaylin79 Says:

        I believe it originally is from Norway and means “seafaring king”. I can’t source that as I don’t remember where I found it since it was quite some time ago but I hope that helps 🙂

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