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Who am I again? February 3, 2010

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Name 3 super heroes girlfriends that have red hair.

In most ways, my son is a typical 3 year old boy.  He sings the alphabet song, counts to 10, and thinks potty humor is HILARIOUS.  He’s good at Connect Four, likes playing play doh,  puts stickers on everything, and he makes a mean Sharpie tattoo.  Thaylin also worships his father,  which couldn’t make me happier (most of the time).  They have a lot in common.  They both love Star Wars, all things Marvel, boobies, and snacks (not necessarily in that order).

Much like his father, my dear child also has a very active and very healthy imagination.  Thaylin has become quite the accomplished actor at the tender age of 3.  This kid has taken on roles that some of Hollywood’s A list would kill for.  I’ve seen him shoot webs at Venom, as Spiderman.  He has defeated his Sith foes as Obi Wan Kenobi, Luke Skywalker, and almost every other Jedi.  There have been fierce battles between Wolverine (daddy) and the Incredible Hulk that have made the house shake.

As my eternal punishment Since I am the only girl in the house, I always have to be the Hero’s girlfriend.  As you can imagine, I’ve had my share of quality roles.  Betty Ross – yep, Padme Amidala – check, Princess Leia- she was my first.  But it’s the redheads he likes the most.  He likes Pepper Pots and Jean Gray well enough, but I spend more time with my son as Mary Jane Watson than I do as Mommy!  I’m not sure if he wants me to be her or her to be me.  Either way, I indulge him in this peculiar behavior imaginative play.  I have been known to give into requests to dye my hair red to keep my Mary Jane persona alive.  I’m pretty sure that if I grew it longer I’d be his best girl forever.

For the last few weeks he has been pretending to be someone else from the time he wakes up in the morning to the time we close the door at night.  There have been so many different scenerios, that I’ve had trouble remembering who I’m supposed to be.  And don’t get me wrong, I like that Aniken loves Padme, and it’s sweet that Spidey has to have one more kiss before he can go to sleep, but sometimes, Mommy just wants to hold Thaylin.  I rarely get to be just Mommy.  Lately I have started feeling like I haven’t given my son the tools he needs to express his feelings the right way.

But then I’m reminded that he’s a 3 year old little boy and he’ll learn, (well, as much as most men ever learn).  My husband is quick to point out that he always has to play the bad guy.  My character gets all of the love while he gets his butt kicked and occasionally kicked in the nuts .  So, I guess it’s not so bad pretending to be someone else for awhile.  Not every girl gets to be Spidey’s girl

What is your favorite thing to do with your kid, or rather, what is your kids’ favorite thing to do with you?

Swinging from my web in Mandyland,

The Queen


One Response to “Who am I again?”

  1. Heather Says:

    Since I don’t have a “normal” three year old to tell you about ;), I will tell you an embarrassing fact about Janson.

    We have pedicure day once a month. I play the role of Senora Josephine–salon owner, and we girl talk and paint toenails…all with my token Puerto Rican accent!

    Take that Mary Jane.

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